Experience the comfort of a Business Seat and excellent catering. With a 3 course diner and drinks included you will have all you need. With a visit to the Belgian Café we will close the evening in style.

18.00 – Welcome Drink and starter 
19.00 – Main course and dessert
20.10 – Game
21.30 – Belgian Café party

Prize : 121 € (Ticket for the game included)



Experience the international handball match between Belgium and Italy on March 13, 2024, in a unique way with our Red Wolves Fan Experience. We offer some conveniences and added bonuses to make your day more enjoyable.

Your package includes reserved parking and premium seating in the grandstand, right behind the players. You’ll also gain access to the Belgian Café at the Alverberg, where you can enjoy drinks and food before and during the game. The “All-In” experience concludes after half-time of the game. From then on, you can buy tokens to continue your evening at the bar.

We have some additional enhancements for you as well, such as a fan prediction contest with prizes, a post-game meet-and-greet with the players, and an after-party featuring DJ Bjorn. The Red Wolves Fan Experience aims to make your handball match day more special. Upgrade your experience today.

18.00 – Welcome Drink
19.00 – Buffet 
20.10 – Game 
21.30 – Belgian Café party
23.30 – Closing time