The start of handball competitions is postponed to early October

During an exceptional crisis meeting with representatives of the Royal Belgian Handball Union, the Vlaamse Handbal Vereniging and the Francophone Handball League, it was decided that the start of all national and regional competitions for seniors and young people would be postponed to the beginning of October. Depending on the evolution of the health crisis, an additional postponement is not excluded. Friendly matches (under the jurisdiction of the leagues) cannot be played before the beginning of September.
Regarding the BENE-League, the cross-border handball competition with six Belgian teams and five Dutch teams, the supervisory board will meet later this week to make a joint decision.
Regarding the organization of training sessions, the different federations are not competent. It is up to the clubs to decide whether or not to train, taking into account, in particular, the regulations set by the local authorities.
For training, the U.R.B.H., V.H.V. And L.F.H. advise doing them outdoors as much as possible, trying to avoid contact, obeying social distancing rules, and always ensuring good hand hygiene.
In view of the above decisions and actions, all selection activities, from regional to national level, will also be postponed to October.