Today the players are back at Elewijt Center, their regular base of operations. Today they are putting the finishing touches to their preparation towards the World Handball Championship that starts later this week.

The players we introduce today are the Left backs. Quinten Colman is one of them. Colman is like a block of granite, a young rock who can stand his ground quite well. He plays in France at Dijon Métropole HandBall. The second Left back we introduce to you is Sébastien Danesi. After a foreign adventure, he returned to his roots at HC Visé BM this season. The most famous Left back is probably Jeroen De Beule, aka the handballing Fellaini.  Apart from his hairdo, his eagerness and his never-ending style of play remind us of the former Red Devil. Jeroen plays at Sezoens Achilles Bocholt. We also have a fourth Left back and that is Joris Gillé playing at Bevo. During the barrage matches against Slovakia, he took the group in tow on several occasions, as he did during the qualification match against Croatia.