BeNeLeague 2019/2020 : Winner

Achilles Bocholt

Due to current containment measures for Coronavirus, it is impossible to organize the Final-4. Therefore, it was decided that the BENE-League would keep the final classification of the classic phase as the general final classification.

Unlike other sports competitions, the 22 match days of the classic phase of the BENE-League were fully played.
Achille Bocholt finished first with 9 points ahead of his closest pursuer. With 737 goals scored, Achille Bocholt is the most prolific attack in the BENE-League, but is also the least permeable defense with only 569 goals conceded.

This final result allowed Achilles Bocholt to win his 5th BENE-League, but also, and it should be emphasized, the fourth consecutive.
BENE-League 2019-2020 final ranking:

  1. Achilles Bocholt 41 points
  2. KEMBIT-LIONS 32 points
  3. HERPERTZ / BEVO HC 32 points
  4. HC Visé BM 29 points