Today is already the third and final day for the Red Wolves in Poland. Tonight they play against Poland.  After Morocco and Iran, this will be a real test for the Red Wolves.

Today we introduce the Centre backs to you starting with Arber Qerimi who is all the way back.  Qerimi has grinta and never gives up. He is the type of player you would rather not play against. Bartosz Kedziora, in turn, is an opposite of Qerimi. The Eupen player is calm but no less ambitious. Robbe Spooren is part of the new young and promising generation like Braun, Kotters, Sera’s, Brixhe and Vanhove. In his team Pelt, “Under the umbrella of internationally well respected Bartoz Könitz,” he manage to take successfully the Center back position of a top BENE-League team. Consequently, he caught the eye of Yérime Sylla. Finally, there is Tom Robyns. Tom is one of the pivotal figures of the Red Wolves. As captain, he takes the Red Wolves in tow and drags them through everything. Tom has been a professional in France for several years and currently plays at Saran Loiret HB.