It is Saturday 7 January, the day the Red Wolves return home.  Tomorrow they will enjoy a rest day before starting the final straight towards Malmö from Monday.

Today we introduce the pivots and so we have two.  Yves ‘Beef’ Vancosen always leads the way and does so with dedication.  Defensively, he is a wall, offensively a battering ram who can strike out with frightening force.  Yves Vancosen plays at HC Visé BM. Simon Ooms‘ roots are, like those of Tom Robyns and Jef Lettens, with the former club Initia Hasselt. And like his two friends, he left Limburg for a professional career in France some time ago. He currently plays at US Ivry. After some injury problems, Simon is fully back and ready for the Red Wolves’ first World Cup.